Preventative Sewer Maintenance in Saint John and Area

Locate Tank and Sewer Lines by Using Sewer Video Inspection

If you don’t know where your sewer line or tank is, we can run a camera with a transmitter from your house out the cleanout (a capped part of the line that allows for access and maintenance) in order to locate your tank or sewer line. This enables us to inspect the condition of your sewer line, and also reduces the need to dig multiple holes to pinpoint where the problem section is.

Install Septic Tank Risers or Lids

A septic tank riser is a simple and important upgrade to older septic systems. Most new systems have this extension that brings access to ground level. The real advantage to this upgrade, is that you do not have to dig up your lawn to service your tank, but most importantly, if you do have trouble at any time, the tank will have to be accessed to determine where the trouble lies. Before the tank or after? This above ground access point would be an excellent investment for your home, will save you time, physical work and aggravation.

Tank Baffle and Effluent Filter Installation and Repair

All new septic systems have effluent filters installed on the outlet of the tank. They provide critical protection to your drain field by keeping it free and clear of solids, and will help to greatly extend the life of your field. We are able to retrofit an existing system with a sludge and scum filter that will help protect your drain field from failure.

Excavation Services, Repairs and New Installations

Unfortunately, sometimes systems fail, pipes clog, pipes break, tanks collapse, roots penetrate lines and weeping beds and excavation is needed. First, we troubleshoot the problem and come up with options for the customer, keeping in mind price and quality. We will explain different options with pros and cons and come up with a plan together, keeping you informed the entire time. If you are happy with our plan and quote, we then pride ourselves on providing timely, professional guaranteed service to get you back up and running leaving no mess behind. Please call us anytime for a site visit.

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