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Septic System and Sewer Repairs in Saint John

Septic systems for your home are a big investment. Given that replacing a septic system can be expensive, make sure to have yours well-maintained for optimal efficiency and an uncompensated, hygienic living environment. If you are experiencing a toilet overflow or bad odours coming from your septic tank, it is time to call the experts at River Valley Septic Service for prompt sewer repair services anywhere in Saint John and surrounding areas. 

We can locate your tank or municipal sewer line, video line for failures or blockages, use our high-pressure sewer jetting machine to clear and clean pipes due to buildup or clogging and if needed excavate to repair or replace lines.

After-hours Call-out Service Available

Emergencies never happen on your schedule. That is why we offer our after-hours call-out service in case of an emergency. When it is 2:00 AM and you have a sewer line break, we understand that you can’t wait for normal business hours for a repair. That’s where we come in.

Get in Touch

Contact us to schedule a sewer service appointment at your home.

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